by Rachel Campbell

Into void, into vast, into darkness,

God spoke.

With authority, with creativity, with sovereignty,

The Triune commanded:

“Let there be light!”

And from nothing, being; from empty, full; from naught, all.

Light declared!

And there was evening and there was morning…


Into slavery, into idolatry, into exile,

God called.

With compassion, with power, with deliverance,

The Messiah promised.

And the darkness will not overcome.

Through a desert bush; through a fiery pillar; through a doused altar.

Light anticipated!

And there were evenings and there were mornings…


Into darkness, onto a hillside, unto shepherds,

God announced,

With heralds, with glory, with fulfillment.

The Son condescended:

Uniquely, perfectly, deity, humanity.

From splendour, a stable; from heaven, humility; from holding, held.

Light personified!

And there was night and there was Dawn…


On a cross, on the outside, unto death,

God saved.

In agony, in humiliation, in loneliness,

The Saviour surrendered.

What justice! What love! What sufficiency!

From death, life; from punishment, atonement; from sacrifice, salvation;

Light submitted!

And there was Friday and there was Sunday…


In a garden, in a chamber, on a road,

God met.

In restoration, in victory, in completion,

The Son intercedes.

From alienation, communion; from enemies, heirs; from now, eternity.

His Spirit sent; His Church commissioned; His people purposed;

Light exalted! Light triumphant! Light proclaimed!

And for a while there is evening;

And then the glorious Light of Morning.


Cover photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash

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