Our origins

Co-conspirators Michelle Van Loon and Amanda Cleary Eastep met at a conference in Chicago, and began a series of conversations about the dirt and light of midlife, writing, and whether women in their 40’s can get away with wearing bell bottom jeans. (They agreed older women could and should if they liked the look, and offered bonus points for pairing those jeans with statement earrings and cowboy boots!)

Amanda and Michelle recognized there wasn’t really a comfortable space online for the voices of maturing women and men to share their insights, experience, and faith. In 2017, they launched this site, and have been grateful to discover there are many other readers and writers who have become a part of the conversation about Adulthood 2.0.

Michelle Van Loon

Since coming to faith in her Messiah during the Jesus Movement, Michelle Van Loon’s Jewish heritage, spiritual hunger, and storyteller’s sensibilities have shaped her faith journey and informed her writing. She is the author of six books including Becoming Sage: Cultivating Maturity, Purpose, and Spirituality in Midlife (Moody Publishers, 2020)Visit her website Transforming Words.

Amanda Cleary Eastep 

Amanda Cleary Eastep was about 10 years old and enjoying a sleepover at her grandmother’s house when she awoke in the dark, sure that God was calling her. Eventually, she realized that her love of writing could be a calling. She is now a senior developmental editor at Moody Publishers and is the author of the Tree Street Kids series for middle grade readers. Learn more about Amanda’s calling and new adventures at her website.

Our next chapter

In 2021, Amanda stepped away from regular involvement in the site so she can give her full attention to her first (writing) love – creating life-giving books for kids. Michelle will be overseeing this site, as well as continuing to speak and write books for grown-up kids. That includes us, Perennials! We’re grateful for a team of excellent contributing writers, who have become familiar voices around here:

Rachel Campbell is from the UK; she is married to New Zealander Grant and they have three children. In recent years she has undertaken a ministry course and an MA in Theology. Rachel believes God’s gift of life in all its fullness is found in family, friendships, community, and God’s wonderful Word and world. Her Twitter feed is linked here, and her Instagram account is here. 

Carole Duff is a veteran teacher, flutist, and writer of narrative nonfiction. She posts weekly to her long-standing blog Notes from Vanaprastha, has written for The Perennial Gen, Streetlight Magazine’s Blog, and Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog. She is working on a book titled Wisdom Builds Her House: A Memoir About Finding Grace in the Third Stage of Life. Carole lives in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband Keith Kenny, also a writer, and three overly-friendly dogs. You can find her website here, and her Twitter feed here.

Dorothy Littell Greco is the author of Making Marriage Beautiful and Marriage in the Middle. When she’s not writing or making photos, she loves to kayak and hike with her husband. You can find more of Dorothy’s work on her website. Follow Dorothy on Substack and on Instagram.


Ingrid Lochamire is a former journalist and home educator. She has taught writing in the classroom, at workshops and to inmates in the local jail. Her essays are included in the anthology Grit and Grace and have been featured in The Redbud Post. She collaborated with her father on his memoir, One Man’s Work. Ingrid and her husband raised four sons on their Indiana farm and enjoy traveling to visit those sons in Nashville, Chicago and Detroit. Ingrid blogs regularly here and is active on Facebook and Instagram.

Afton Rorvik writes about living connected, something that matters deeply to her even as an introvert. In her book Storm Sisters, she talks about the power of friendship in hard times. Afton and her husband John have two adult children and love to walk and hike in Colorado. You can connect with Afton at her website or on Facebook.  


In addition to the work of our regular contributors, we are eager to highlight many other voices. To learn more about what we’re looking for and how you can submit your work, click here.


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Becoming Sage: Cultivating Maturity, Purpose, and Spirituality at Midlife (Moody Publishers)