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We’re excited to highlight some of the amazing people in our Perennial Gen community and beyond in our “Rooted” feature, where we ask someone five questions about their midlife experience. Today, we’re chatting with Deb Lawrence. Deb first shared a bit of her empty nest experience with us in this post. She has been a […]


By Amanda Cleary Eastep Every night I take it to bed with me, wake up with it, and feel it breathing down my neck when I’m not giving enough attention to it. (No, it isn’t an overly affectionate labrador.) It’s my purpose. Sometimes purpose manifests itself in many ways throughout our lives and sometimes as one activity that […]

Editor’s note: Our theme this month at the blog is “new interests, avocations, passions” to reflect the traditional focus on new beginnings that goes along with a new calendar year.  Not all new beginnings have to do with losing weight or beginning a new exercise program. PerGen contributor Beth Drechsel is writing for the first […]

by Debby Hudson To be fair, I need to tell you Henry first told me he felt God’s calling to full-time ministry when I was pregnant with our second child. We were sitting across the table from each other at a diner. It was 1980. Our daughter was 15 months old and our second child […]

By Jessica Galán I find him swaddled in white blankets, his hospital bed pushed against a wall in a narrow stretch of hallway. My cinnamon-skinned father is almost 70. His hair sea-salt white; mustache peppered grey. It’s his penchant for sweets that lands him in this over-crowded emergency room. He’s a stubborn diabetic refusing to […]


by Michele Morin For the past several years, change has been the only constant in our Christmas celebration. Grown-up sons marry, pack up their collection of treasured ornaments, and hang them on their own trees. College guys come home when they can and join in the fun on an intermittent schedule. Teens branching into individualized […]

by Debby Hudson Our son didn’t approve of the Christmas tree. It wasn’t the kind we’d always had. It was our family tradition to get fat Christmas trees with full branches. The kind of Evergreen with long needles that fell and buried themselves into the carpet for you to find months later. For our son, […]


By Jamie Janosz So, I had a slight little meltdown in the middle of Home Depot. We were there to by a new kitchen faucet, a cement-spreader-thingy, and a Christmas tree. My daughter and I have always held out for live Christmas trees. We would go to a nearby tree farm and chop one down. Or, […]

by April Fields A recurring theme in Christmas stories is summed up in Dr. Seuss’s classic children’s tale The Grinch Who Stole Christmas: no matter what you do or not, what you have or don’t, Christmas happens anyway. Christmas, as we now celebrate it, primarily as a vehicle for economic stimulation, used to be much […]

by Judy Allen Dan and I do not remember our first Christmas together. Still newlyweds, we were loving life and loving each other, working at challenging jobs, and our families were both out of the area. I was surprised to find the Christmas cards we wrote to each other that year in a bag of […]