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by Kim Post Watson Sing to the shadows, sing and do not fear But sing them into love little by little. Begin the song exactly where you are. And so I start again here in the middle. – Malcolm Guite, The Singing Bowl  Some people can remember the exact moment they entered what the mystics […]

by Sharon Williams If you’re going to change vocations in your fifties or sixties, make sure you’re grounded on the Rock, because your world may be rocked. You might be like my husband, who switched with ease from an IT job to furniture sales at 61 years old. But if you’re like me, you’ll face […]


By Kirk Hazlett To say that this summer has been “different” would be the grandest understatement in the history of the spoken word. Margaret (my wife) and I are in the final throes of building/buying a new (our first) home…in Florida (a new state for us). This will now make seven states and, counting the […]


By Debby Hudson I keep trying to know who I am. Now. In this part of life that is leaving me feeling stranded on a dirt road with nary a sign in sight. Writing helps me process. It often reveals answers or offers a glimpse of possibility. In seeing the words spelled out, black on […]

by Dena Dyer Last year, the Scandinavian concept of “Hygge” swept the world. Everyone wanted a bit of the Danish concept defining coziness and intimacy. Now as 2017 begins, a Swedish term called “lagom” (pronounced “law-gum”) is making waves. The word has no direct English translation, but according to a digital magazinenamed for the term, “Lagom describes […]

by Deb Lawrence I am the mother of 3 daughters. When Youngest graduated high school a friend asked how I felt about the empty nest. I laughed. What empty nest? Not every child moves on after high school. Oldest and Middle chose training at local community colleges and lived at home during the years of […]


By Jessica Galán A steady week of rain and clouds has evaporated—so my daughter and I take to the hare-lip of a beach which offers us cool reprieve, where the only hard choice is deciding which of twenty-six flavors of soft-serve to taste. Bianca and I collapse onto the sand and awaken our palates to […]


By Amy Boucher Pye It’s a scary medical term – geriatric pregnancy – and I had two of them. The “geriatric” label conjures up images of nursing homes, not cribs and diapers. But, I was over 35 when I first became a mother. Why did I wait to have kids? I was engaged to be […]


By Jeannie Prinsen Images of retirement living appear everywhere: posters in the drugstore, “Golden Years” magazines, cruise ship commercials. They often feature senior couples in crisp white-and-tan clothing strolling on the beach, their matching silver coiffures ruffling in the breeze. One picture I saw shows a man giving a piggyback ride to his female companion – […]