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We know websites are never “done”, but we’ve held off on saying we’re officially launching this site as we’ve tweaked this `n that. While we’ve been in the internet engine room trying to make sense of the tech stuff, we’ve had lots of visitors and received some amazing posts we’ve been honored to share. Someone […]

Our friend Melinda Schmidt shared this quote from Sister Joan Chittister’s book Folloiwng The Path. We thought it might encourage some of you today:¬† We like to think that the young are restless to grow up; we fail to realize that the middle-aged are restless about it, too. But where the young are growing out […]

…stuff we wore in the 1970’s. Stuff like: I loved my gaucho pants (or are they skirts? so hard to tell!), especially when paired with a natty vest and a pair of fake Frye boots. But let’s be honest. These are really bell bottoms that shriveled¬†in the wash. *** Speaking of vests…who thought that a […]