Editor’s note: PerGen contributor Sue Donaldson sent a note to those in her social network, looking for answers to the questions below. We thought they were really interesting questions, and are sharing them here. You may find one or more of them worthwhile conversation starters with those in your own social or church circle.

But some of you might wish to answer Sue’s questions. If you’d like to do so, you can contact Sue here.

Sue’s questions:

If you had five minutes with a younger person, what wisdom would you share in response to one or all of these questions below?

1.    How do you make your life count? How do you “redeem the time?”

2.    How do you keep your mind set on what is important and eternal?

3.    What is your everyday prayer or your everyday God-fueling routine?

4.    What do you know now that you didn’t 20+ years ago—about God? About yourself?

5.    Suffering, disappointments and loss can be challenging. How do you face these things at this stage of your life? Is it different from how you faced them in your 20’s or 30’s? How?

6.    List three essential character qualities of a mature believer. Which do you find most challenging?

7.    How do you live by faith OR how do you live in hope?

Cover photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash