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By Amanda Cleary Eastep February 2017 — Journal Entry I’ve been getting that weird feeling again. The one I get when things are going to change… Several times throughout my life, I have felt an odd vacancy open up somewhere above my heart that has inevitably signaled an eventual shift. One time in particular had […]

by Sharon Williams If you’re going to change vocations in your fifties or sixties, make sure you’re grounded on the Rock, because your world may be rocked. You might be like my husband, who switched with ease from an IT job to furniture sales at 61 years old. But if you’re like me, you’ll face […]

by Michelle Van Loon We learn from a young age to have a ready answer to the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” The question trains us to think about vocation solely in terms of career: “I want to be a firefighter…a teacher…a veterinarian…a landscape designer…a pastor…a writer…a rock star.” […]


By Kirk Hazlett To say that this summer has been “different” would be the grandest understatement in the history of the spoken word. Margaret (my wife) and I are in the final throes of building/buying a new (our first) home…in Florida (a new state for us). This will now make seven states and, counting the […]

In 2012, I wrote the following piece about how I was never going to return to college at midlife for Her.meneutics, one of the predecessors to the Christianity Today Women’s website. The piece was entitled, “When Higher Education Is Neither: Why Should I Earn A Degree?” At the time I wrote it, I was 53 […]


By Debby Hudson I keep trying to know who I am. Now. In this part of life that is leaving me feeling stranded on a dirt road with nary a sign in sight. Writing helps me process. It often reveals answers or offers a glimpse of possibility. In seeing the words spelled out, black on […]