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When I was in my mid-forties a little more than a decade ago, it dawned on me oh-so-slowly that things were changing in my life. My once-predictable menstrual cycles had gotten wacky. My occasional bouts of insomnia had become as regular as the rising sun, which I found myself witnessing way more often than I […]

If discerning vocation has to with letting your life speak, as Parker Palmer says, the next logical question might well be, “But how? Where do I begin?” At midlife, we’ve got some serious miles on our odometer. We’ve had experiences. Been shaped by our relationships. Know something of our strengths and weaknesses. We have a history […]

by Michelle Van Loon We learn from a young age to have a ready answer to the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” The question trains us to think about vocation solely in terms of career: “I want to be a firefighter…a teacher…a veterinarian…a landscape designer…a pastor…a writer…a rock star.” […]

I started my forties looking too often into the mirror and getting tangled up in my thoughts – my goals, my shifting identity, my disappointments, my hopes. As I leave this decade behind, I find myself focusing less on me and more on how I might, bit by incremental bit, make the world more whole. […]

If ever there was a question that fit our Perennial Gen July/August theme of the empty nest, it’s the title of Brenda Poinsett’s book, What Will I Do With The Rest Of My Life? The subtitle hints at the answer: A Woman’s Guide To Discovering Peace, Power, and Purpose After 40.  Though the empty nest […]

When I was in sixth grade, a teacher divided the three or four classes by gender. One of the teachers came into the girls’ room and gave us a talk about our changing bodies and a sample box of mattress-sized Kotex sanitary napkins. It wasn’t quite the rite of passage at which other cultures seem […]