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June was an incredible month here at The Perennial Gen! Thank you to everyone who read, commented on, and shared the posts submitted by our generous guest writers. Friendship turned out to be the perfect topic for our themed submissions as we watched the growing response to this new site and social media community. Here’s […]

by Beth Drechsel    My husband says, “You’ll only meet so many people in life. You might as well be friends with as many who will let you.”  Frankly, it amazes me how many people have let me! Some are kindred spirits, others have taken a bit more effort. Some I wouldn’t have chosen at all, […]

by Marybeth Davis Baggett Middle age is often associated with being settled, having matured and now living out the wisdom of experience gained through the first part of life. But for me, the years since I’ve turned forty have afforded me the richest education I’ve so far received—about myself, about the nature of love in […]

by Evelyn Bence At a church coffee hour, I accepted the bag of ecru goo. “It makes Amish Friendship Bread. In ten days you can bake a loaf, and there’ll still be starter left over to pass along to others. You just mush the bag once a day for five days. Then you add sugar…” […]

by Dr. Gail Bones Disappointment is inevitable. But to become discouraged, there’s a choice I make. God would never discourage me. He would always point me to himself to trust him. Therefore, my discouragement is from Satan.” – Charles Stanley But now don’t be discouraged, any of you. Do the work, for I am with you. […]

by Anita Lustrea Maintaining friendships has sometimes been difficult for me.  Partly it’s my personality profile and partly my upbringing. I’m an introvert who sometimes doesn’t see the need for relationships until the need is critical. I was raised in a pastor’s home where the advice given in seminaries, back in the day, was that […]


By Carlton H. Colby & Amanda Cleary Eastep Memories by Carl I met J and his younger brother in a crab apple fight. I lost. Of course, it wasn’t fair, me against the two of them along with another brother who couldn’t throw far because he was still a little guy, but he tried anyway. J […]

by Judy Allen Some friendships last forever; others endure for a brief time. Friendships, no matter how long they last, are a gift. Relationships have been on my mind, because I recently lost a good friend. She was a Hilltopper, which is a group of 12 women who shared an apartment in college called, you guessed it, Hilltop. We […]

by Dorothy Greco Most of my rituals are practiced in solitude: morning prayer, daily exercise, flossing. My two communal rituals involve food: our family’s evening dinner and the ninety-five meals I’ve shared with the same three women over the past twenty-two years. While I’m hopeful that our family dinner is not simply about replenishing calories, […]

by Jeannie Prinsen A number of years ago when my mother was visiting me, we were paging through my photo albums. Suddenly she said, “You’re very lucky to have so many friends. That’s something I’ve always felt I missed out on in my life.” Her words surprised me because I had not really thought of […]