by Lauren Blackburn

It was one of those rare moments in time when community, transitions of seasons and unadorned lives blended together on the same path.

After the meal we took a walk in the woods, the sound of water dancing in the stream to meet tidal marches leveled my spirit. Many travelers crossed the familiar path that day with cheerful smiles and knowing nods. We waited and let a group cross the narrow passage. They smiled and thanked us.

This path was unlike others. We were all on foot where lives truly crossed, no highway to hinder the human contact.

And so began a meaningful season—transition, repositioning of thought, intent and purpose.

Putting down the need to answer all the unknowns, the question marks that sprint over the pages of our future.

That day I savored the narrow path, I let someone else go ahead of me not worrying about my place in line. I surrendered my right to be first, to be right, to be known.

Delays, obstacles, I looked down and acknowledged the fallen leaf whose own DNA is imprinted forever in the ground-

How marvelous and varied are your works 

I think about tomorrow

The injustices

The dead children

My impetuous spirit seems so shallow and worn

My heart learns to be still, like a child weaned of all her earthly needs

I wonder, I call out to Him from the depths of my being

I need no answers, I have the Father, the Creator, the Alpha, the Omega, the One who knew no beginning and no end

And I am told to stand….still, tall and confident in His virtue

I obey and see wonderful works, the stranger who crossed my Path is now my companion.

Lauren is the mother of three grown children, wife of Rian for 40 plus years and grandmother of two adorable human beings! She enjoys blogging, reading and facilitates a book club and bible study in the community, she also sells real estate in one of Long Island most beautiful harborside villages. She blogs at


Cover photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash