Here at PerGen, we curate each month’s blog posts around a theme. We love the conversation that happens around topics relevant to men and women in the second half of their lives.

In November, we’ll be featuring a topic that is relevant to people of all ages – food and hospitality! We’ll be looking for posts on  everything from what it means to show hospitality to strangers  to your favorite holiday entertaining tips and suggestions.

We’re also looking for recipes that have a story to go along with them: an old family favorite (like this one), an ethnic or international dish, or a healthy, fresh meal.  

The first ten people who submit a post to us for November and include their snail mail address will receive a Perennial Gen phone strap (officially called The Love Handle) like this one:

The strap attaches to the back of your phone, and makes taking selfies a snap. It also adds stability if you’re walking and talking and chewing gum at the same time. Our good friends at donated a number of these invaluable phone accessories to us to share with attendees at last month’s Growing Sage gathering. We have 10 to give away to our PerGen pals in November.

Please note – we won’t be publishing your mailing address or doing anything other than sending you your PerGen Love Handle when you send us your blog post for consideration. 

Click here to learn how to submit your post, as well as take a peek at upcoming themes for 2019.