by Poet-Pastor Larry P. Morris

Editor’s note: We don’t publish a lot of poetry, but believe these holy words offer a perspective we rarely hear – that of a husband walking alongside a beloved wife battling Stage 4 cancer.

I held her while she sobbed

“I’m sorry I yelled at you” she said

“I feel like I’m such a poor partner” she said.

And she sobbed and shook

“I’m so tired” she said

“if there weren’t signs I am getting better

I would end it”

“I love you” I said

“I understand”

But mostly

I just held her.

She has stage four ovarian cancer

She is in her fourth round of chemo

She has a skin infection

And pain 

And she drains fluid out of her abdomen daily

And has fluid drained out from around her lungs at the hospital

Twice a week

And there are signs that she is getting better

And signs that she is not

And she is weary



And I hold her

I write my about my experience of finding The Holy in ordinary things, simple moments, deep relationship and in hard times. Much of my recent writing has been about my experience as a caregiver for my wife, who has ovarian cancer.  I am a full time COO for a manufacturing company and a part time clergyman at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Kirkland WA.  I have published three books of my poetry and prose:  Among Us: Stories of Worship and Faith, Flirting With the Mystery: Stories of Faith Life and Cancer, and Creative Souls: Color, Words and Spirit.