By Amanda Cleary Eastep The Small boys lived next door to us in the “new subdivision,” one round block of bi-levels and tri-levels on the outskirts of a small farm town. In the summer, all of us children scattered, bike wheels and skinny legs carrying us all the way to the other side of the […]

We’re excited to highlight some of the amazing people in our Perennial Gen community and beyond in our “Rooted” feature, where we ask someone five questions about their midlife experience. Today, we’re chatting with Deb Lawrence. Deb first shared a bit of her empty nest experience with us in this post. She has been a […]


By Amanda Cleary Eastep Every night I take it to bed with me, wake up with it, and feel it breathing down my neck when I’m not giving enough attention to it. (No, it isn’t an overly affectionate labrador.) It’s my purpose. Sometimes purpose manifests itself in many ways throughout our lives and sometimes as one activity that […]

Editor’s note: Our theme this month at the blog is “new interests, avocations, passions” to reflect the traditional focus on new beginnings that goes along with a new calendar year.  Not all new beginnings have to do with losing weight or beginning a new exercise program. PerGen contributor Beth Drechsel is writing for the first […]

by Debby Hudson To be fair, I need to tell you Henry first told me he felt God’s calling to full-time ministry when I was pregnant with our second child. We were sitting across the table from each other at a diner. It was 1980. Our daughter was 15 months old and our second child […]

What can those in the second half of their lives tell the rest of the Church about the kind of faith that endures? I’d like to suggest that those at midlife and beyond have something important to teach all of us about “marathon faith”: And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for […]

By Amanda Cleary Eastep Bob Cratchit got fired from his low-paying job on Christmas Eve. Sure, it was a miserable job–the office was freezing in the winter, the hours were long, and he had only one day off each year. Christmas Day. And then there was his boss, Ebenezer Scrooge. A couple of years ago, […]

There’s something about the blank pages of a brand-new calendar that inspires many of us to commit to change. Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution:  I will join a gym – and show up there three times a week. Oh, and I’ll work out as long as I’m there. I […]

When I was in my mid-forties a little more than a decade ago, it dawned on me oh-so-slowly that things were changing in my life. My once-predictable menstrual cycles had gotten wacky. My occasional bouts of insomnia had become as regular as the rising sun, which I found myself witnessing way more often than I […]


 By Amanda Cleary Eastep For me, it was more shocking than discovering Santa wasn’t real. Despite all the Christmas pageant memorization I endured growing up Lutheran, it wasn’t until high school when I realized that the Three Wise Men WERE NEVER AT THE MANGER. The whole nativity scenario my classmates and I had played out each Christmas Eve for proud parents and […]