Enter to win: I FORGIVE YOU

Note from PerGen editor, Michelle Van Loon: I was looking forward to reading Bible teacher Wendy Alsup's new book, I ...

Midlife Transitions as a Highly Sensitive Person

by Lauren Hunter I was 40 years old when I first read The Highly Sensitive Person by Dr. Elaine Aron ...

Don’t Bury ‘The Body’

by Rachel Campbell What would you say are today’s ‘in’ words and phrases? With our three kids living at home, ...

Learning To Speak Forgiveness

by Carole Duff Cato puppy and I picked our way down the icy, snow-packed mountain road to the mailbox. After ...

What Forgiveness Is and Isn’t – and Why It Matters

by Dorothy Littell Greco To follow Christ is to choose to forgive. Once we receive forgiveness from the Lord—a vertical ...

Sofa Surfing The Church

by Mary Napier My husband and I are slow movers when it comes to important changes in our lives.  When ...

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