…stuff we wore in the 1970’s.

Stuff like:

Gaucho pants

I loved my gaucho pants (or are they skirts? so hard to tell!), especially when paired with a natty vest and a pair of fake Frye boots. But let’s be honest. These are really bell bottoms that shriveled in the wash.


Granny square vest

Speaking of vests…who thought that a discarded jumbo afghan square could ever be flattering?

On anyone except a couch? (Maybe.)


Bib overalls for all

I wore my overalls at least 3 times a week, and had a spare pair I cut off into overall shorts so I could enjoy looking like Humpty Dumpty all year round. In 2017, we know better than to wear clothes that require us to disrobe every time we need to use the bathroom.

  Or do we? 


Blue eye shadow




Platform soles

Only if we want to spend time with our orthopedic doctor.

Dr. Scholl’s “Exercise” Sandals

These wood-soled gems were supposed to “exercise” our leg muscles as we walked. If spraining ankles counts as exercise, then yes, these did the job. But at midlife, we’ve learned to value safety along with style in our footwear.

What did you wear in your youth that you are glad you never have to wear again?