That Thing You Never Finished? It may take more than magic

Do you know which creature in the animal kingdom has the longest gestation period? Elephant? Nope. Frill shark? Ha! What’s ...

Exit The Sermon Zone?

At a social event last weekend, I ran into C., a woman I used to know when our kids were ...

Listening to Millennials – And Visa Versa

I’ve written a lot about the relationship between those at or beyond midlife with the local church. (Click here, here, here ...

“Done” At Midlife

The conversation around the relationship between those at midlife and the local church clicked into a higher gear last week ...

Forced Out In The Name Of “Reaching Young Families”

My friend A. was an old hippie who looked a little like Jerry Garcia (the old guy version) with grease ...

Welcome To Post-Adulthood

This recent Washington Post article highlights an idea foreign to the majority of us living in Western culture. Dr. Bill Thomas ...

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