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By Amanda Cleary Eastep My earliest memory of walking in the woods sets me inside the patch of forest preserve down the road from my grandmother’s house. The small house sat like a washing machine box with two windows cut out to let in the early morning sunshine and a view of the passing freight trains that roared and […]

by Dena Dyer During a recent panel discussion for The Washington Post, actress Fran Drescher confided that it had taken her two years and eight doctors to get a correct uterine cancer diagnosis. She was an atypical patient, since her type of cancer usually happens to women who are post-menopausal or obese, and she was neither. So […]

After my mom died in south Florida 10 years ago, I came home anxious to jump into my regularly-scheduled life. I was no stranger to loss and trauma. I thought I was prepared by those experiences as well as the excellent care I received from the hospice team during the final weeks of my mom’s […]